Contest Rules:

to apply for a contest, send an e-mail to with your name, the contest you are applying for and a picture you want to be used for the contest. Make sure to put the subject of the e-mail as "CONTEST APPLICATION".

Can I apply for more than one contest? :
You may only apply for one contest at a time, however you may apply for another contest after your application as been approved or denied the first time. (if your application has been approved you must wait untill judging is over to apply for a nother contest. You can not be in more than one contest at the same time.)

Contest photos:
Depending on the contest depends on the photot. Preferably the picture should be clear and have good lighting.
Provocative pictures are not aloud, this pertains to but is not limited to, nudity, sexual gestures (this does not include a "kissy face"), gang signs, certaine hand signs, ext.

Denied? :
If for some reason your application has been denied, you should review the rules and you may try again. If the contest you applied for is no longer in application you may apply for another contest of your choice.

 There will only be 4 competitors per each contest, once all 4 competitors have been chosen the contest will be removed from the list and voting will begin. The competitors will be chosen based on the 1st 4 people to apply.
(This rule applies only if the application meets the rules and meets the contest criteria. If it does not than it will be looked over)

How long does a contest run? :
When a contest has enough applicants and the competitors are chosen, it will go up for voting. It will be up for 3-7 days (depending on the contest) and than the winner will be chosen and the contest will be taken down and the winner will be posted.

You are only aloud to vote ONE (1) time! If you are caught voting more than once you will be eliminated, no questions asked. How ever you may tell people you know about the contest and ask them to vote for you, as many as you like.

If you should win a contest, you will be congratulated and honered on the aBug Beauty website in a special section of the website. Untill further notice rewards are under construction and under negotiation.

Mrs. Lyss