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 Get this look for cheap


(Thats less than she paid
for those shoes!!!!!)

Miley Cyrus

Casual and Cute

So, you want to know how to get this Miley Cyrus casual and cute look for cheap? Well let me do all the work and you just keep

As you may have noticed plad and flannel are totally in rite now!
So I found this amazingly cute flannel top
with ruffles down the middle just like mileys at charliot russe
for only $21.99

Also ladies throw out your booty shorts because classy is the
new sexy! Longer shorts are in now but they are still just as cute!! I found these ones at charliot russe as well for $28.99
I know there not exactly what Miley is wearing BUT they are just as cute and I can personaly vow for them because I own a pair!
(I wore them on my birthday hehe)

And on I found this stoned t-strap sandal
for only $13.60

Once again I know its not an exact match but for the price
its pretty good, and there still cute.
(I did find an almost exact match but they were almost
$200!! YIKES!)

Mrs. Lyss :)